MASUS - Keeping you active

Sports and Occupational


Injuries & Rehabilitation

From those little niggles to major injuries, the sooner you receive treatment the quicker you will be back enjoying your favourite sport. As our work gets more demanding so it increases the risk of injuries such as RSI, back pain and postural problems.

Injury Treatment:

Treatment Session (per hour) £29

Sports and Remedial



Deep tissue massage that helps to eliminate the waste product that causes soreness breaks down adhesions, increases blood flow and speeds recovery.
Full Body (90 mins) £40
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins) £26
Legs (40 mins) £28
Hands & feet £15
1/2 Hour Stress Buster £20

Personal Training

Do you find yourself unmotivated and frustrated with your exercise? If you are not seeing any results then a personal trainer can help you. Using the Personal Trainers expertise to aid you in realising your goals and helping you to improve overall physical and mental well being and awareness.
Personal Training (per hour) £25
Fitness Assessment (90 mins) £35



One to One (Female instructor)

Pilates strengthens the body from within using a combination of strengthening and mobility exercises, helping the body to become strong and toned. This can be achieved by using a combination of Mat, Ball and Bands based exercises. Great for posture, rehabilitation of old injuries and feeling good within.
One to One (1 Hour - Female instructor) £20
Course of 8 weeks £150
Group Bookings (can be mixed - Max 4) £10 Each
Home visits can be arranged (small charge)

Pregnancy Massage

Have a helping hand to soothe your aching back with a massage from the 1st Trimester until full term. With a bump upsetting your posture and weighing you down, relax and put your feet up and enjoy a massage while there's time. Why don't you avoid those nasty stretch marks during pregnancy with an Anti-Stretch mark massage, to nourish and moisturise your skin?
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage £25
Anti-Stretch Mark Massage £20

Therapeutic Massage

A totally relaxing massage, that eliminates toxins, release tense, tires muscles and has a calming and sedative effect.
Full Body (60 mins) £35
Extended Full Body (90 mins) £40
Back (30 mins) £25
Legs (30 mins) £20
Facial Massage £15